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Name:[ オトコヨ ]
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hey. have you ever heard of otokoyo?

yeah it's that secret game they play in that creepy dark town, isn't it? -- yeah, i heard that demons live in that town. -- the demons can smell humans, they come at night and snatch them -- i heard a lot of kids went to that town and never came back -- my friend told me he once saw a huge shadow of a demon in that town --

the game of otokoyo -- ( laugh ) -- otokoyo is a secret game they play in that town. it's a game of hide and seek. sometimes the lights in the town get eerily brighter and the whole town becomes a maze. but there are signs. if you follow the neon lights of o, to, ko, and yo, then you can find your way. when you get to the end you'll arrive at the otokoyo square. and when eight people arrive the game begins. everyone must wear a fox mask to play. otokoyo is not a normal game of hide and seek, it's very -- dangerous. they say that demons appear to steal away the people that play the game. and it's true, in the game of otkoyo, people will disappear.

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